1. Super Friends, beautiful window installation by Cat Rabbit & Ghostpatrol at Craft Victoria, Melbourne. Click through the gallery to see our photos!

    Ghostpatrol and Cat-Rabbit have been collaborating and exhibiting together with felt and cotton for nigh on ten years. Their collaborations incorporate sharing and teaching each other new ideas and techniques that expand their individual practices, and the universe. They are also super friends.

    Super FriendsĀ is their latest adventure.

    Ghostpatrol creates worlds across mediums exploring ideas of space exploration, cosmic scale and the super future. His visual worlds invite ideas and questions to methods of seeing beyond our own existence scale and atomic configuration, through the concepts of curiosity lead science and quantum physics.

    Cat Rabbit is a textile artist who imagines animal characters and the worlds that they live in and then makes them out of felt. She appreciates anthropomorphism, unexpected colour combinations and pugs.

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